Welcome to the Pulsant Mirror Service

Provided by www.pulsant.com

The mirrors.pulsant.co.uk service provides a variety of anonymous FTP and HTTP mirrors. It is optimized for users from the United Kingdom. Pulsant does not make any guarantees about the performance or reliability of this service.

Available mirrors:

Apache Software Foundation [ http | ftp ] (ftp.apache.org, refreshed hourly)
CentOS [ http | ftp ] (www.centos.org, refreshed hourly)
Linux Documentation Project [ http | ftp ] (www.linuxdoc.org, refreshed daily)
MySQL [ http | ftp ] (www.mysql.com, refreshed daily)
Opera Software [ http | ftp ] (ftp.opera.com, refreshed hourly)
PuTTY [ http ] (http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/, refreshed daily)

Page last updated 13th March 2013